XS 680 / 700 Sport Rib: UK Made Leisure ~ Family Rib Package

XS 680 Sport Commercial Leisure Rib Craft Package New Mercury Yamaha XS 680 Sport / F 150 Package

The smaller cousin of the XS 760 SPORT. The XS 680 SPORT Rib is a stylish craft that has retained the renowned performance and sea keeping of traditional XS Ribs but with a keen eye kept on the apperance.  Offered with a wide range of console and seating options the craft is fitted to a VERY HIGH specification.    We also offer, at the same price, a Sport Version of the XS 700, see XS 700 page for details of this boat.





Length:  6.8 m


Overall Beam:  2.65 m


Weight:  650 Kgs


Max HP:  200 hp


Internal Beam:  1. m


RCD: Cat   Cat C RCD 2 (Cat B RCD 1)





OPTION 2:  Delete 2 x Single J/Seats, ADD rear bench seat, fixed or folding.


You can also "create" your own seating layout if these do not suit.



* Double Console DLX

* Windscreen

* 4 Single Jockey Seats

* Handle to co Driver

* Sport Ski Tow Frame

* Rear Engine Well

* Bow Locker

* Pressure Relief Valves

* Non Slip Floor

* Lifelines Externally

* 4 x Chrome Top Handles

* Under Deck Loom

* Rear Well

* Bilge Pump

* 2 x Bailer Tubes

* Battery Locker

* 180 L Inboard Tank

* Fuel Gauge & Sender

* Hydraulic Steering


This is OPTION 1 seating layout.