Warranty is a complicated subject below are guidelines as to what warranty is offered with a NEW boat package.  There are more details in the hand book or please contact us for clarification of any point.


It is important to remember that is ALWAYS the responsibility of the owner of the craft to take the boat / item to a dealer for that item, at the owners expense, to get something looked at under warranty.


This may mean in the case of the boat it being returned to us in the UK for ANY warranty to be undertaken.


There is no ON SITE WARRANTY on any part of the package, you will always have to take it somewhere at your cost.


BOAT:  3 year back to base with XS in the UK (Or supplying Dealer)  5 Year Fabric Warranty, Back to base with XS in the UK (or supplying dealer)


ENGINE:  What Ever the maker of that engine gives in the country it is in  PROPELLOR PITCH:  Whilst every effort is made to select the correct prop pitch for a craft we can not change props beyond the 1st month of ownership.


TRAILER:  1 Year back to base with the maker of the trailer


ELECTRONICS: Whatever the maker gives in the country it is in.


ASSEMBLY OF CRAFT and MOTOR INSTALLATION:  1 Year back to base with XS in the UK (Or Dealer)


EXCLUSIONS:  All wear and tear, Most Cosmetic issues, modified items


We never pay third party bills for things you have had done without PRIOR WRITTEN AGREEMENT from us.


We have very little warranty and will consider all claims but the basic premise of warranty being back to base can seldom be waived.


Please contact us for further clarification or to discuss any specific questions that you may have.