Buy Club Rescue Boat & Coach Rib Package: Best Price Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki Outboards

XS Ribs specialise in the supply of Sailing Club Rescue ~ Coach Boat Rib Craft as a package with Mercury, Yamaha, Mariner, Suzuki, Evinrude, Tohatsu outboard motors.


We offer the best specification available at the BEST PRICE.  We understand a craft like this has an important roll to play within any club and you can rely on us to supply a boat that DOES THE JOB, we have worked with the RYA, Eric Twiname Trust, for over 20 years having supplied them with more than 30 craft, the feed back we have received has been invaluable, we fully understand what a craft will need to be capable of in both Club Rescue and Coaching roles.


We have an impressive line up of Sailing Based users including The Scottish National Sailing Base @ Largs, WYA and Plas Menai, Parkstone Yacht Club, Hayling Island Sailing Club, Lymington Yacht Club, RNIYC,Strangford Loch YC, Royal Norwegian, Dalgetty Bay SC, Silverwing (BA) Sailing, Marconi Sailing, Warsash SC, Gurnard SC...... the list is litterally endless !  ALL of the above have had craft in the last few months !


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Download an overview to the 4 different rescue craft detailed below.  We can provide a quote for any craft / combination that you may require if these are not suitable.

MERCURY Club Rescue Craft ~ Price Guide All Models Shown Below
Club Rescue Mercury 1.11.22.pdf
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SUZUKI Club Rescue Craft ~ Price Guide All Models Shown Below
Club Rescue Suzuki 1.11.22.pdf
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Not all clubs need a Rib !


If you are such a club then the Rigiflex Newmatic 360 ~ 370 ~ 400 is for you !


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These craft are ideally suited to inland and sheltered coastal waters, they have a good useable deck area that will allow someone to be laid down on the deck, they are very stable at rest and at speed. These craft are designed to perform well with motors from 25 hp and depending on the application the craft will also perform well with 40-50-60 hp motors.  The XS 450 has a smaller tube and narrower beam than the XS 460


We have a range of specific "sailing" accessories such as Tow posts, rescue recovery systems, extra tube protection.


XS 460 Specification Sheet
A XS 460 Spec Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
XS 450 Specification Sheet
A XS 450 Spec Sheet.pdf
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The XS 500 shares the same hull shape as the XS 460 but the extra length really helps in "open water"  The High sheer bow and deep V hull at the bow also gives this craft a dry and soft ride in the sea.


The hull shape is easily driven and this craft will work well with 40-50-60 hp engines.


The XS 500 has more room for extra seating and we also have a wide range of sailing specific options such as tow posts and extra tube cladding.  With tubes hard in the water at rest this craft offers great stability and is an ideal "working platform"

XS 500 Specification Sheet
A XS 500 Spec Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]

XS 545 CLUB RESCUE ~ Coach Rib


The XS 545 is a Deep V Hull craft well suited to open water applications.


Yet the craft is still easily driven by "economic" engines.  The V of the hull and the high bow give this craft a soft and dry ride whilst still maximising stability at rest and at speed.


If 5.45m is too long but you still need a Deep V Hull we offer a 5.15 m version of the same boat.

XS 545 Specification Sheet
A XS 545 Spec Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.2 MB]
XS 515 Specification Sheet
A XS 515 Spec Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

Shown here are some specific "For Sailing use" craft with features that are available as extras on all XS craft.

XS Ribs have a very long association with supplying craft specifically tailored for the various Rescue / Coaching / Committee boat roles that are required in the modern sailing world.


We understand what is required of the craft as we have long associations with people like the RYA, WYA, SYA as well as sailing clubs like Parkstone, Hayling Island, Dalgetty Bay, Strangford Loch. RNI, Royal Cork etc etc.


Below we have detailed the more commonly used craft, obviously any of our craft can be tailored to suit a precise application but the ones shown are the most commonly used.