Finance Packages are now available on all our craft.

We have teamed up with ProMarine Finance, specialist in financing marine product.  There are 2 options of finance.

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Ideal for complete craft (Minimum Boat and Motor Package)  Suitable for packages from £4,000 - £100,000 with various options for payment period 1 - 10 years.  


Typically Marine Mortgage's have lower APR than RETAIL FINANCE and are secured on the boat itself.  CLICK ON THE PROMARINE LOGO FOR A QUOTE.


RETAIL FINANCE:  This is used for individual items with a value of £5,000 -£15,000 with payment periods of upto 5 years. (Boat or Motor Only, not a package)  For this finance you have to be resident in the UK.


CONTACT BARNET MARINE BY PHONE FOR A RETAIL FINANCE QUOTE  Rel 01707 331 389  The process takes 5-10 mins, and if approved we can tell you there and then.



ProMarine Finance offer these finance services, you can contact them direct if you have specific finance related questions.


TEL: – 01432 347770,