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New XS 650 at Hornsea Rescue New XS 650 at Hornsea Rescue

NEW XS Rib for Hornsea Rescue


A new XS 650 fitted with DF 140 Suzuki has arrived with Hornsea Rescue for use in there RYA sea school.


This craft has a new A frame design and transom set up, this makes the back of the craft neater, increases space for an Aux motor and gives a simpler A frame installation.


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New XS 550 destined for Lithuania New XS 550 destined for Lithuania

XS in Lithuania


This XS 550 was fitted out by the owner in Lithuania.


They have kindly shared with us this video of the craft in action.  It shows just how stable and how well it rides in the sea.


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New XS 570 destined for the Seychelles New XS 570 destined for the Seychelles

XS in The "Seychelles"


On the subject of "how tough" are the boats one client does what is shown in the video, EVERY DAY !


We have a new one about to ship, shown to the right.


Watch the video ! but I would not suggest that you do this with your boat unless it is prepped for it !

Wally The Walrus in an XS 600

XS in The "Movies"


Whilst XS Ribs are Walrus Proof as was proven when Wally decided to climb in to this XS 600 using his tusks !


They are NOT MEG PROOF as the trailer to Meg 2 clearly shows (54 Seconds in)....


We supplied 3 craft for the Meg 2 movie one of which (at least) met a grisly end.  I think this movie might be in the running for an Oscar, but then again may be not .....


If you need Meg Proof Ribs .......... we are working on it for the next movie.

Something Very Different !


For the upcomming Apple TV "Masters of the Air" drama series being made by Spielberg / Hanks we were approached to resolve an inflatable problem !  They needed a faithful copy of the liferafts that a B 17 Bomber carried during WW 2.  We had an original boat to work from and completed this complicated job just in time !  The boat design itself for an 80 year old inflatable boat was really very clever, single point inflation from a compressed gas bottle, inflatable seats, packed up really compact....  I thought "we" invented all of this stuff, clearly not.  The NEW Dinghy is the orange / yellow thing in the picture !


There were 2 rafts on each aircraft and 4 guys in each in the event of a ditching.  The US 8th Air Force (The Mighty 8th) suffered huge casualties and inflicted huge casualities at the end of WW 2.  Humanity needs to learn from the past and avoid making the same mistakes and taking the same path we have done previously.... I am sure the series will help in our understanding of this piece of history.

Our "New" Discovery


This 1989, 1 owner from new, 50,000 Miles, 3 Door, V 8, Manual Discovery Series 1 has joined our fleet. 


Having benefitted from a complete ground up rebuild it looks and drives like new, and joins our collection of Land Rovers !

Do we have a standard model ?


We say that we only ever make the "same boat twice"  if some one orders 2 of them.


However even that is not true, these 6 boats all destined for 1 client in Japan are ALL different....

Birds Eye View:


Thought we would share this view of the factory.


1000 Sq M on an acre site.


Which we have nearly filled so maybe an Extension ???  (Update 2022, Now Built, Update 2023 and another one, Update 2024 maybe another new building to the bottom right of the image.... maybe)

Fish Ponds:


One of the guys in the factory wanted a Fish Pond so he made one, from that one for his mate etc etc and now we have a range of ponds and pools that are proving to be REALLY popular !


Click here to see the range

Big Order of BIG fenders:


We offer a range of fenders here is an order of 12 x P 6 Fenders 200 x 60 cm  These are detined for Mallaig on the West Coast of Scotland.


We can make them any size you want.


Contact us for a quote.

How We do a Re-Tube Video:  A guide to how we re-tube a craft and what you should look for in an older craft to make sure it is still safe to use,

How To Videos:  Two new videos, How to do a fabric Repair and how to do a fibreglass repair.

ALL NEW Making of an XS Rib Video:  We have updated our hugely popular "Making a Boat Video"  It shows the whole process from start to finish, interviews with some guys in the team and an outline of other things that we do.  We hope you find it interesting !

XS 600 / F 115 Mercury in Israel:  We have just completed a XS 600 for the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, many thanks to them for allowing us to use the Video.

Fully Fitted out Zodiac Mil Pro SR 5.4:  We have just completed a full fit out of a NEW SR 5.4 for the Goverment of Jersey (Island of)  She will work off their Cutter and meets Work Boat Code.

XS 990 / F 350 Suzuki:  Sea Safari Boat going to Donegal.  Quick "tour on the trailer"  One of Several "coded" work boats we haver in build at the moment.

Amazing Cute Dogs and XS Ribs


Watch the video, whilst we would like to think that the boat is star we all know it is the dog really !


The boat is an XS 500 Rib with a F 60 Mercury for anyone who is interested !

Remember those summer days on the beach ?


Watch the video, and bring back memories of days on the beach !


The boat is an XS 700 Rib with a F 225 Mercury for anyone who is interested !

Tokyo Olympics 2020 / 2021


We have been busy all year building XS 750 and 850 for the 2020 Tokyo games, there is not much more we are allowed to say...... apart from the fact we beat a lot of other makers to get this job based on performance, durability, quality, value, ability to deliver in quantity and on time ........

XS 990 Twin Diesel


We have just completed a Twin Diesel XS 990 this [VERY] special build uses Twin 370 Mercruiser and has a top speed of well over 50 Kn.  Fitted with an ICE 3 Shockwave full suspension "console cabin" the sea trials of this craft were truly awesome.


We undertake lots of special builds and work with clients to create bespoke craft, contact us to discuss your project with us !

Flossie and Beach cleaning


This was brought to my attention because XS craft appear in the Vid, but Flossie deserves a lot of praise for making a stand, take a minute to watch the video !

XS Ribs Factory Moves to New Location

September 2018


We are proud to announce we have moved in to our new 1000 Sq M factory, located on a 1 Acre site in East Yorkshire.  This completely refitted facility allows us to significantly increase production to meet the growing demand for New XS Ribs.  The sales office and contact address remain unchanged at AL7 4TW


Our "all new" Rib Retubes Limited Sister Company (Rib Retubes Dedicated Web Site) is also based here and specialises in the repair, refit and re-tube of all makes of boats.

Eric Twiname 33 ~ Dinghy Show 2018


The 33rd Rib, we have supplied, has been donated by the Eric Twiname Trust and the RYA to another Youth Class (Cadets) at the 2018 RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace, March 2018. This programme now running over 26 years has been a significant part of the success of Elite sailors in international competition as well as Olympic medals in many classes.  Many world class sailors have there first experience of National Competition with the Eric Twiname events.


The XS 500 is powered by a FT 50 Yamaha and comes with a Dinghy Top Frame on the trailer.  We supply this model of craft to many sailing clubs and commercial operators for Rescue Boat Duties.


Contact us for more details.

London Boat Show 2018.........


XS Ribs have 2 craft at the Excel Boat Show, January 2018.  An XS 460 and a XS 600, both are for sale at very keen prices.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Current delivery is 12 weeks so if you need a boat for the 2018 season do not delay!

Sea Safari Boats  Delivered


XS Ribs have delivered several new Commercial Craft used in a variety of Sea Safair and Woek Boat Roles.  Shown Right is a craft going to Cromarty in Scotland, below are other craft in use.

Southampton Boat Show 2016


XS Ribs were at the Southampton Boat Show 2016, 16-25th September Stand F 002, we had the XS 850 detailed below on the stand along with a XS 600 and XS 460.  We also had an XS 600 and XS 700 in the water.


The winter build deals went so well that we are now quoting January delivery,  Do not delay if you want a boat for 2017 !

XS 850 Ex Demo for Sale XS 850 / F 300 Verado from a Drone

XS 850 from a drone:


This craft is for sale in the used boats section of the web site, now that it is back from its holiday in Scotland (at a great price)


XS 500 Goes to Feva Class XS 850 Diesel

Diesel goes in to service in Holland:


This craft is now in use in Holand, exstensively fitted out by the owners it is used for commercial towing.


It has a bow thruster and custom console, rear samson post and seating.


XS 500 Goes to Feva Class XS 500 Goes to Feva Class

Feva gets an XS:


The Feva class association have just taken delivery of the latest Eric Twiname support Rib


ET 32 is the latest of these craft.  The Trust have been funding these crfat for over 20 years.


The Hand over was done at the 2016 Dinghy Show.


The XS 500 is one of the most widely used crfat in the dinghy / sailing club support world.


It has the durability to last and does the job better than anything else around.  The trust would not have bought them for 20 years if that was not the case !


XS 760 Sport XS 760 Sport

XS Sport New Video:


The XS Sport Range have a "new style" for XS whilst maintaining the renown performance and handling that XS craft are famous for.


This summer we had a 760 with us in the North of Scotland and have made a short video of this model.

Long Summer days in Sweden




This is one of several XS 600's that we have delivered to Sweden in the past few months.


A boat that can provide all that is required for thos long summer days !

Two Tone Tubes now available on XS Ribs




We can now offer 2 tone Tube colour options, shown here is Grey / Blue on a New XS 760 Sport destined for Salcombe.


Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


RYA Press Release


5 March 2014


Eric Twiname Trust set to reach impressive milestone


A charity foundation set up in honour of the late Eric Twiname is about to reach a remarkable milestone by the end of this year – the provision of funding totalling £1m to youth sailing projects in the United Kingdom since the Trust's formation in 1980.


The Eric Twiname Trust, which was set up in order to perpetuate Eric’s memory and to enable his many and diverse sailing interests to continue, handed over the 30th Yamaha-powered Eric Twiname RIB allocated to the Techno UK Windsurfing Class Association at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show on Saturday (1 March).


As a registered charity, the Eric Twiname Trust has a mandate to support competitive sailing for young people, including the encouragement of clubs to establish junior fleets and junior race-training programmes, and by so doing has helped a large number of youngsters on to the water for more than 24 years.


To that effect it provides grants for sailing events and equipment, and in particular dinghies for club youth race training. The aim is to spread the Trust’s funds across as wide a spectrum of youth sailing as possible and to achieve that, support is focussed on sailing clubs and associations.


By the end of 2014, over 30 RIBs, and 230 boats and windsurf boards will have been provided since 1980, with 150 of this impressive total compromising RS Teras for which the cost to clubs of purchasing small fleets is subsidised by the Trust and discounted by the manufacturer.


The Trust also currently funds the on-going provision and insurance of support RIBs for most of the RYA pathway, supported and recognised junior and youth classes. The Trust has done so since 1993, when the first craft powered by Yamaha was handed to the 420 Class Association, since then the Trust has assisted eleven different youth and classes, with some of them receiving their third ET Trust provided RIB recently.


The RYA Eric Twiname Championships, held annually at Rutland Sailing Club, is the premier national event for RYA Zone and home country junior teams in the UK, with over 270 sailors competing. In 2014 the event will be held for the 28th consecutive year, while the RYA Eric Twiname Youth and Junior Team Racing Championships will be held for the 13th consecutive year at Oxford Sailing Club which welcomes up to 50 teams from clubs and schools.


Duncan Truswell, RYA Youth Racing Manager and Eric Twiname Trust trustee, said: “The RYA and the BIC Techno Class Association UK were very pleased to take delivery of the latest XS 5.0M RIB, complete with trailer and 50HP Yamaha engine this weekend. It is an impressive milestone and both the RYA and the Trust are grateful for the long-standing support of the suppliers Barnet Marine and Yamaha motor UK whose products have demonstrated unwavering reliability and quality.


“The sport of sailing has benefitted for many years from the support of the Eric Twiname Trust and this has enabled a great number of young sailors to get afloat and progress their skills and develop a lifetime passion for sailing. Historically it was really hard for clubs and associations to raise capital to purchase the equipment which is vital to underpin the scale of their activity and also to ensure activity is delivered safely and to a high standard. We are extremely grateful for the on-going support of the Trust and look forward to continuing our association to provide the support and resources clubs and class associations needs to provision for the next generation of young sailors.”


All donations, whether from individuals or from organisations, are warmly welcomed by the Trust. To make a donation click here.


For further details on the Eric Twiname Trust click here.


For more information on the RYA Racing Events please visit the event website at




The All New XS 680 Sport is set to make its debut at the London Boat Show, Excel 4 - 12th January.


This craft offers a LOT of design, functionality, performance and above all outstanding Value.


The Show boat has a world beating price of jyst £34,995 Inc vat fort a Boat, Motor, Trailer package with GPS, VHF, seating for 8, Ski tow frame and 180 l tank.


The design of the craft is based around the lengendary deep V hull and high bow that XS are renowned for and a great deal of attention has been paid to the style and apperance of the craft.


There are more Images of the craft in the RANGE section.

London Boat Show. Excel. Jan 4-14th 2014

XS Ribs will have just 2 craft at the show,


The NEW XS 680 Sport and the XS 545.  Shows just are not what they used to be and the attendance at last years show just does not justify spending a lot on the 2014 show.


Excel is local to us so we feel we have to go but the stand costs are so high it is just not possible to justify a big stand.


Come along and see us !  (Otherwise we might get lonely !)


UPDATE:  Now that the show is over we can report that the show has its problems with a further diominished attendance.


The next show we will be at is the Southampton Boat Show in September.


New Danish Fire Boat


Xs Ribs working closely with Boat One in Denmark have just delivered another new "Fire Boat"


This craft is equipped with a fire pump, heat seeking and low light cameras, radar, Gps, in Boat Coms with wireless helmets, a special folding ladder for Diver recover, Jasons cradle, rigid cradle stretcher and BA cylinder storage.  It just shows what we mean by "Built to Order"


Powered by twin F 150 Yamaha thios XS 750 will join the other craft already in use with the Fire Brigade in Denmark.


This craft had a particularly low height requirement and the frame and screen are all modified to meet the end users requirements.


Contact us to discuss what you need in your new craft !

PU & Hypalon Collars


All XS craft can be supplied with either an Orca Hypalon Collar or a Chiorino PU Collar, this is a no cost option.


We have the option to upgrade to HD versions of both fabrics as well.


We find that the Hypalon is better in VERY hot climates but for UK applications and the rest of nothern Europe the PU does seem to be a much harder wearing fabric.


A lot of Rubbish is spoken about boat fabric, agreed PVC is not an ideal fabric to have a big Rib in but PU and Hypalon are both very suitable,  the quality of assembly and the grades of the fabric play a bigger part than just the type of the fabric. We are the ONLY maker in the UK with a 30 + year experience of BOTH PU and Hypalon and are the ONLY manufacturer to offer both.


PU / HYPALON are a NO COST OPTION, contact us to discuss which fabric suits you better for your application.


One of the boats in the image above is Hypalon, the other 2 are PU, can you see the difference ?


Contact us to discuss this further.

Solent Charters add to their fleet


Solent Charters have added another XS 700 to their Charter Fleet, the craft will be used for training as well as bare boat and skippered charter.


The craft comes with the staggeringly good F 200 Verado Mercury and has seating for upto 12 passengers and crew.


Get the FULL story here.