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All XS craft are made to order, so if you need a 9 m craft, not a 9.9 m or 8.5m or a 6 m with a 2.4 m beam and not a 2.6 m beam we can make one for you this ability to make exactly what you need applies all through the range.


To keep it simple we have a standard list of boats and these fall into "classes" that share the same hull profile.  Below we have briefly explained the features and benefits of each class.  The LEFT navigation then shows each model in detail.

The XS Range and How to Buy a New Rib Package

XS 750 - 850 - 990:


These craft with an impressive 2.9 m beam are true "rough water boats"  With a Deep V Hull and high bow they have immense payload capacity, will handle single and twin outboards as well as inboard motor options.  They are legally towable on the road on a normal braked boat trailer and will fit in a 40' container for shipping.


DESIGN SPEED:  The Max design speed of thye hull is 45 Kn, this can be achieved with twin 200 - 250 - 300 hp


XS SPORT: 600 680 - 760


These craft with their sleek tube line and internal moulded engine well and bow locker (also the deck on the 760 with sun lounger) offer a stylish "leisure" craft with all the renown build quality and performance of an XS.  A wide range of console and seating options are available and particular attention is paid to the aesthetic apperance of the craft.


DESIGN SPEED:  The Max design speed of thye hull is 40 Kn, this can be achieved with a single 150 - 200 - 250 hp


XS 550 - 600 - 650 - 700:


These 2.6 m beam craft are well suited to a variety of uses.  They have the high bow and deep V hull format that gives a predictable, dry, safe ride even in the roughest of seas.  Readily towed by a family car and all suiting single axle trailers (the 700 depending on engine option may need a double axle trailer) are easy to handle and launch.


DESIGN SPEED:  The Max design speed of thye hull is 40 Kn, this can be achieved with a single 150 - 200 - 250 hp

XS 515 - 545 - 585:


These 2.3 - 2.4 m beam craft are much loved in the sailing world where a wide beam is a disadvantage but sea keeping is VERY important.  The Deep V hull gives a great rough water ride and the tube line gives stability at rest and at speed.


XS 460 - 500 - 540 - 570:


Built with all the design and quality of the larger craft, these 2.2 m beam craft have a high sheer bow and hull profile that is easily pushed by smaller motors (25-60 hp)  With immense stability at speed and at rest these are the work horses of family fun boating.  They are also ideal for sailing clubs and federation use as rescue boats and coaching platforms.


Based on the same hull range the XS 450 has slightly smaller tubes at 43 cm and an overall beam of 2 m


The XS 360 is the smallest craft we make and widely used where a light Robust Beach Rescue Boat is needed.