Rib Retube & Refit: XS Ribs offer a retubing service for all Boats.   (At the foot of the page are videos on what a broken flange looks like and a comparison of fabric types in a scartch test)

XS Ribs Retube Refit Package Used Secondhand Boat Craft Avon SR 5.4 Searider, COMPLETE Refit

At XS We Retube Ribs of all makes and Refit Boats. 


XS Ribs have established a formidable reputation for build quality and attention to detail. The factors that have given XS this reputation we also apply to Re-Tubing older craft.

XS Ribs Retube Refit Package Used Secondhand Boat Craft Scorpion: Before and After.

Unlike some retubers we do not have standard tubes that we "force on to your hull" often leaving pleats on the inside of the tube rather we make a COPY of the tube that is on your boat so the basic shape will be the same.  How you want it finished with patches, handles and other styling is up to you.



Our Sister Company Rib Retubes Ltd has more information of theit Web Site and Facebook Page  Here you can see the latest Retube projects etc.




Below is a guide to the retube costs. 


Please contact us with some pictures of your boat and any other detail like extra handles of patches that you want and we will come back to you with a full quote.  The prices shown here are based on bringing the craft to our Hull Factory HU11 4TF


Size (m)

Cost Inc Vat

400 - 450


460 - 500


510 - 540


550 - 600


610 - 650


660 - 720


730 - 800


8 m +

On Application




Typically a full retube will take 2-4 weeks. You will need to book the craft in advance to make sure it is in the schedule to be worked on.  Retubes can be done at other times of the year but may take longer to complete than in the "winter" 



Shown above are GUIDE Prices for retubing craft, this is based on the following criteria:


  • Craft supplied to in HULL (HU11 4TF) with Engine removed (can be left on you just get a better job if we can turn the boat upside down)
  • Old Collar still on craft (We MAY need this to make a pattern from)
  • Craft on a Road Legal and towable trailer

  • We can offer a delivery to Welwyn Option (AL7 4TF), there will be a £295 Inc Vat charge to take the boat upto the factory and a further £295 to bring it back to Welwyn
XS Ribs Retube Refit Package Used Secondhand Boat Craft Tornado: 5.8 Before and After

The prices shown are a GUIDE, we need to discuss with you you specific boat to reach a firm cost. The quoted Cost Includes the following:


Removal of Old Collar​


Making of pattern if we do not have it.


Fitting of new collar and all the ancillary items

The standard NEW collar has:


*  5 Compartments (7 on craft 7.5 m +)

*  D Section Strake

*  External Lifelines

*  1380 PU Fabric OR 828 1300 GSM Orca Hypalon


We can fit pressure relief valves, extra cladding, extra strakes, extra handles, all at additional cost. We can also offer new consoles and seating, recovering of the floor and Hull repairs in addition to the retube service.


The New collar will be in 1380 Decitext Polyurethane OR 1300 GSM 828 Orca Hypalon (Standard colours are Orange, Yellow, Grey, Blue. Black)  


At the bottom of this page is a link to a Video showing the "scuff test" on PU and Hypalon, give us a call to discuss the type of fabric you want Hypalon or PU further.




When a tube is removed from the boat OFTEN there is repair work to the fibreglass that HAS to be done BEFORE the new collar can be fitted. We can only quote to do this work when we have the boat stripped.  Above you can see what I mean, this is a broken flange that only showed up once the old tube was off.

Typically this work is in the £250-750 + Vat cost bracket. The normal area of problem is cracks to the flange that the tube sits on that become more apparent when the tube is removed.

The cost of rectifying these areas of wear and tare will be EXTRA to the retube cost.  You can often not see this problem till the tubes are removed.  If there are issues we will show these to  you (By E Mail) and explain what can be done to fix it.

For craft larger than those listed here please contact us to discuss the costs.

To discuss this service further and confirm costs please contact us:

Tel: + 44 (0) 1707 331 389

E Mail: info@ribs.co.uk

Examples of Craft that have been Retubed:

Which fabric best suits you ?  PU or Hypalon, watch the scatch test and decide for yourself !

How to do fabric repairs, PU and Hypalon

How to do Gell Coat / Fibreglass Repairs

Tube Sealers:


We are often asked about sealers that can be placed inside a tube to stop it leaking, a bit like painting a tube, all it does is create an awful mess and seldom if ever stops a leak, and what it does do is the ruin the boat completely !  So if the problem can not be sorted out with patches do not wast your money on paint or sealants, just save up for a retube.


Here are some images of a boat we have in for retubing, the sealant had neverr gone off and ruined all the valves !