Colour Options For XS Rib Craft

Colours are clearly a personal choice !  We offer ORCA Hypalon and Chorino PU tubes with a wide variety of colours, however the same colour combinations are widely chosen.  The choice of PU or Hypalon is a personal one, see the video below, and bear in mind that we think PU in most applications is better.


30% of all the boats we make are ALL ORANGE


30% are BLUE Tubes,  WHITE Fibreglass


30% are BLACK / GREY combinations.


All other options make up the other 10%


The colour of the patches and floor and how much strake you have can really make a difference to how a boat looks overall.


We would advise against being too radical on any colour choice as one day you will sell the boat and your taste might not be others !


Fibreglass Colours at no extra cost are:







Grey (4 Shades)


Other colours can be seen HERE but colours other than the above are an extra cost, contact us to discuss this cost.

POLYURETHANE TUBES:  Standard colours,  Grey, Black, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green


For more information on Chiorino PU Fabrics see there WEB SITE

HYPALON TUBES:  All the colours of the rainbow.  Contact us to discuss options.


For more details on Orca Hypalon see manufacturers WEB SITE.  Orca 828 (standard) and 866 (Heavy Duty) are the main fabrics we use.