The Buying Process for an XS Rib

1)  Firstly we need to establish the XS Rib model and specification of the craft, this can mean a dozen or more quotes from us till we refine exactly what you want.


2)  Lead time is SELDOM less than 12 weeks and if you want to defer delivery that is no problem BUT PLEASE do not presume that 12 weeks will be enough time to get the boat ready, we get busy and sometimes lead times can get to 16 - 20 weeks  and more.


3)  To confirm the "deal" we will need a 30% deposit, on receipt of the deposit we send an order acknowledgement with a projected delivery date on it.


4)  In complex craft or orders of a high value there may be "stage payments" normally there are not and the balance is due on or before collection.  We will make this clear at order.


5)  About 4 weeks before the boat is due to be ready it will be in build at the factory, we may contact you at this time to clarify details about measurements in the craft etc.

6)  Typically in more complex internal layouts we send over images of the craft with console and seating placed in the boat, but not bonded down, this allows you to determine the optimum location, for you, of the seats and console.  The Image to the right shows seats and console "loose" in a boat to finalise layout before bonding in.


The rear and bow lockers however are fixed and not variables at this stage of the build of the craft.  Once agreed the craft is all bonded together and NORMALLY the boat then comes to Welwyn Garden City for engine fitting.

7)  The boat will arrive with us in the fitting out work shops about 2 weeks before it is due to you and at this stage we will contact you to discuss the console layout, some clients like to come and see the craft at our Welwyn Garden City site at this stage.  This can also be done by E mail with pictures like the one shown here.


8)  Once we have started on the boat re fitting out we will be able to advise a precise day that it will be completely finished.  Most clients collect the craft but if it is being shipped or delivered (Normally decided when the original order is placed) that process is then set in to motion once the craft is paid for in full.


We make buying the boat as easy as is possible.