Where do I start choosing the ideal XS Rib for me ?  ............. Ring Us !

Choosing the perfect XS Rib is not difficult, it does however need a bit of experience, and we can help here.  The ideal craft is a few clicks away !


Obviously if you know what you need, and we fully appreciate many of our users know more about what the boat needs to do for them and how best to achieve that than we will, but for those who do not have that information, we offer unlimited advice.

On initial contact we will want to know what you will use the craft for, where it will be used, how many people are to be carried, expectations of performance and handling and above all an idea of budget. 


With all of this we can advise what you need re the craft and wether you need to look pre owned or if we have a new package that will suit the expectations and the budget !


Once we have all this information we will prepare a detailed quote with 24 hours, often within an hour or two if not there and then on the phone as we talk.


Why not send us an E mail now with a list of your requirements:



Below is a "discussion" of the types of craft, what they can do and the motors they use. It might help narrow down what you want !

Choosing a 4 m + Rib
Choosing a 4 m + Rib.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]