Can not wait 12 + weeks for a build to order XS Rib, we can still help.

Zodiac Pro 7

We do SOMETIMES have used / demo / stock craft see here.


Though we are the manufacturer of the XS range we know when this range DOES NOT SUIT a client. Either they need the craft quicker than we can supply or they need a craft with a layout for their use that we do not offer.


We can then offer GENUINE advice based on a huge experience of the WHOLE market and what is available.  This dos not make a Zodiac a second choice, rather it makes the Zodiac the RIGHT BOAT for that client.


A new XS will take 12 weeks + to build, if you need a craft quicker we recommend Zodiac  - Bombard as the best builder of craft that are often available off the shelf, this gives a lead time to the client of 4 weeks or so from order.


XS also make craft at the more commercial end of the spectrum where as Zodiac can offer craft that suit all applications.


The Zodiac / Bombard range is extensive and if you need help sorting out the correct craft for you please contact us.

Zodiac Open 7

They have a really clever configurator on the web site, CLICK HERE  to build a craft to suit you, you start by choosing your main use and then build a layout as you go.  Select the UK Flag and the pounds sign before you start and it will give you a guide price as well.


At XS we have 30 + years experience in building craft and we also have 30 years + experience Selling Avon, Zodiac and Bombard (Through Barnet Marine) so take advantage of all this experience.  


Our buying power as one of the largest Rib Bulders in the UK and the largest supplier of Petrol Outboards in the UK leaves us well placed to offer a great Zodiac Package.


We look forward to hearing from you.